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I begged you

“Please, I am literally begging you”, I say, but the executioner only sighs and gives me a truly sorrowful look as he slides the IV into my arm. The chaplain sits beside me. “Once he pushes the button, the drugs will be administered in quick succession. Unconsciousness will occur in roughly thirty seconds, and death […]

User g00gle_240394

I was sixteen years old when I started working. My first job was at a cybercafé where a friend of mine worked, and thanks to him I got into that place. Right after he had finished teaching me everything I needed to know for a couple weeks, he left and I was alone for almost […]

The cat with no eyes

“I’m writing because I don’t have anything better to do, because I need you to know the truth and because it’s the only thing that he’ll let me do. What happened is so bizarre, paranormal and illogical that I can’t think of many people who would believe what I’m about to tell. I’m a writer […]

Suicide Girl

Take a look at the image above. I recently discovered this image and its story in a korean post. The story is this: in Japan, shortly before a teenager commiter suicide, she drew this picture, scanned it, and posted it online. In Korea this story was discovered and it spreaded like fire. There are tons […]

The black wristband

In the United States and many other parts of the world, every time you go into a hospital, you get a white wristband with your name, so you can be identified. However, there are other wristband colors, which mean other things. For example, black wristbands are placed on the wrists of people who just passed […]

That goddamn warehouse

Me and my friends have always been really curious, which I regret today. I was with my friends, Nick and Alan, hanging out in the neighborhood, when Nick told us that near his place, there’s a warehouse where late at night he can hear screams. Me and Alan tell him to stop shitting us and […]

The girl in the cab

This is a story that happens in my hometown. It happened to my uncle, who works as a cab driver. One day, he went out to do a night shift, since in weekends and paydays the clubs are more crowded than ever. It was a cold rainy night. My uncle saw a girl standing on […]

The lick

This happened in a little town in France. It appeared in almost every local newspaper. A little 9 year old girl, only child of wealthy parents, had everything a girl her age would have ever wanted, but she lived the loneliest of the lives. Her parents used to go to charity parties and political meetings, […]

The Hand

Carol and me were always best friends. Yesterday she invited me to her place, so we could play and stay for a sleepover. Truth be told, I wasn’t quite sure if I should accept her invitation, because even though I’m already 8 years old, I’ve never loved the idea of sleeping in someone else’s house. […]

Daffy Duck Murderer

I was already an adult. My parents died when I was 23 in a car crash. To make things worse, I had no family near me: my closest relatives lived in South Carolina, very far from Alabama. We were the only ones in my family who hardly had contact with anyone else. Since I didn’t […]