Suicide Girl

Take a look at the image above. I recently discovered this image and its story in a korean post. The story is this: in Japan, shortly before a teenager commiter suicide, she drew this picture, scanned it, and posted it online. In Korea this story was discovered and it spreaded like fire.

There are tons of posts with autor “undefined” in korean forums that say the spectator is immersed in the blue eyes of the girl. It is said that you can perceive a hint of hatred and sadness inside those eyes. Maybe the girl died with such  sadness and anger that her spirit jinxed the image, or maybe this picture causes sadness, just like the song “Gloomy Sunday” (song written by the hungarian pianist and composer Rezső Seress in 1933 which, according to the urban legend, caused a great number of suicides)..

The weird thing is this: it is hard for a person to stare at the girl’s eyes for more than five minutes. There are reports of some people taking their own lives after doing so. People say that the drawing shifts as you see it. It is as if a grin appears on the girl’s lips or that a dark ring grows around her face and her eyes.

Something is for sure: the image has awaken a curiosity in me; I feel a presence when I stare at the picture, evil or not, I can’t judge. I would like to know what the global online community feels and maybe even some art experts could provide an explanation on why the eyes of this picture can attract the spectator so deeply.