The black wristband

In the United States and many other parts of the world, every time you go into a hospital, you get a white wristband with your name, so you can be identified. However, there are other wristband colors, which mean other things. For example, black wristbands are placed on the wrists of people who just passed away…

A surgeon who was working night shift had just finished a surgery at a school-hospital and was heading to te basement. He got into the elevator and there was a woman in there. He was casually talking to the woman about random stuff, while the elevator was going down. When the door opened, he saw another woman about to go inside, so the doctor hastily pushed the close button, and stroke the top floor button.

Surprised, the woman scolded for being so rude by not letting the other woman inside.

The doctor said: -That is the woman I just perfomed a surgery on. She died during the operation… Didn’t you see the black wristband she was wearing?

The woman smiled, rose her hand and said: -A wristband like this one?