The lick

This happened in a little town in France. It appeared in almost every local newspaper. A little 9 year old girl, only child of wealthy parents, had everything a girl her age would have ever wanted, but she lived the loneliest of the lives. Her parents used to go to charity parties and political meetings, and left her alone.

Everything changed when they bought her a large-breed puppy. Years went by and the girl and the dog became best friends. One night like any other, the parents went to say goodbye to the girl; the dog, already used to sleep in the girl’s room, went under the bed.

The parents left and soon the kid was sound asleep. Around 2:30 in the morning, a noise woke her up: it was like low scratches, and then they became louder. Then, scared, she lowered her hand so the dog would lick it (it was sort of a code between the dog and her), it did, she became calm and fell asleep again.

When she woke up in the morning she found something horrifying: on the dressing table mirror there was something written in blood that said: “NOT ONLY DOGS LICK.”

Then she let out a horror scream when she saw her dog crucified on her bedroom’s floor.

It is said that when the parents came back, she was out of her mind and the only thing she said was: “who licked my hand?”

The author of such abberance is still being pursued.