Afraid of the Ghosts

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Here’s the history of a man who had fear of the ghosts. Eddy had that afraid from his childhood and he didn’t know how to take off that fear. His big brothers always scared him in the night dressing them with sheets. They drew horrible faces on the sheet to scare to Eddy until he start to scream and break to cry; they destroyed all the Eddy’s childhood and part of his adolescence. He had some problems of attention in class for this reason and he always distracted him doing things like writing, read some book or another thing. His teachers always called him the attention for the same reason.


One day, he was alone on his parent’s house, and then, he decided to play his guitar for a while and in that moment he started to listen low and far sounds but, he didn’t care that sounds. At the half hour it started to sound again the same sounds he was listening before but this time there were more nearing. He asked: Who’s there? Anyone answered, so he followed on playing his guitar.


After a while he heard one old man calling him for his name:


–         Eddy… Eddy.

–         Who are you? — Eddy asked with fear.

–         I am your worst nightmare — the voice of the old man answered him.

–         What do you mean? What do you want from me? — He come back to ask with high voice.

–         I want to scare you… — the voice came back to answer.


After this happened, the voice of the old man disappeared and Eddy began to worry him for what the voice said him, he thought than that couldn’t be such horrible how he thought it could be. When his parents came back to the house, he told them what had passed him and they didn’t believe him any word and they said him that it could be a dream or just simply an illusion of his mind.

One week after, Eddy was alone – again – it was 2:30 pm and he was playing his guitar like the last week and something strange started to happen… the voice of the old man came back again at the same time and he was playing his guitar like the last time he appeared. He – the voice – told him that he will appear in his worst nightmares and that horrible voice just disappeared after he said that. Eddy didn’t understood what that voice meant but he called to his father for tell him what had happened him. Obviously his father didn’t believe him any word, he wanted to believe him but he couldn’t do it.


These both experiences – for Eddy – were something bad, but again he didn’t care it and after a while he forgot it – again –. These experiences carried on happening to Eddy until he decides to confront that voice. He told it:


–         Voice of the spirit’s world, what do you wanna do with me? – He told screaming.

–         I just want to give you only fear in your life – The voice of the old man told doubting.

–         Just tell me why do you wanna do that… – Eddy said with soft voice.

–         I… I just want to have a friend – The old man’s voice told to Eddy crying.

–         A friend? Then, why you just didn’t tell me you just did want a friend, I can be your friend… – Eddy told to the voice of the old man almost crying and also with sadness.

–         Can we be friends? Are you sure do you want to be my friend? – The old man’s voice told him.

–         Yes, you can be my friend, come when you want. – Eddy told him.


After they get over the conversation, the old man’s voice disappeared again. The only thing Eddy didn’t know was that what were is joke from his big brothers and after all, that was costumer; so it wasn’t anything rare. Anyway, he won’t discover that until two years after.


Eddy excited for his new – and his only – friend; that possibly it was a ghost. He had an afraid for his new friend, because it could be his worst fear; the ghosts; He always thought in that, day and night; even when he was in the school. One of those days he was thinking in his new friend, an old man, who possibly was a phantom and his parents didn’t believe him any word, his newest friend appeared when he was with his parents on the room. The rare of the case was that his big brothers weren’t in the moment that they were in the parent’s room, so they thought that were Eddy’s big brothers. Eddy salute to the old man; and after a few minutes, he asked his name. The old man told to the family his name. The name of the old man was Alvaro. The parents thought that their sons had a good imagination for create the voice and also for the history that they gave to the personage. There was a moment when Eddy’s brothers came in the parent’s bedroom and Alvaro was speaking. For the surprise of the parents they didn’t make that joke, because they didn’t have the mediums to make the voice and; they knew that it doesn’t value watch his little brother so scared and also they didn’t want that their parents punish them for make that joke.


They started to put scared faces –Eddy’s parents – and they wanted to get out of the bedroom, but they knew than that will not keep as it was; even so, they stared until Alvaro – old man’s voice – and after he goes on, they asked to his son how he knew that voice. He answered at this question saying this:


–         I knew him a week ago when I was playing guitar at two and a half. He always appeared when I played guitar and at that same hour. – Eddy’s answer to his parent’s question.

–         Were you playing guitar the times he appeared? How often he came here? – Asked his mother very scared for the situation.

–         He came in each time you were got out – Answered the kid trying to understand something of this.


The Eddy’s family disconcerted for the situation that they’ve had to happen with him, they decided to call to the Community’s priest. The family told the priest the events what had happened to their son. The priest suggested to the humble family blesses the house with holy water and pray for his son and tell to the ghost of the house. He also told he will help with that. They started to bless the entire house, in specially the place where he knew the ghost of Alvaro – referring to the old man – and talked with him. The next suggestions that the priest gave to the family were: 1- ) Keep out to Eddy from the ghost. 2- ) watch when you can what is doing he – referring to Eddy – 3- ) remove from this house if you want or at least if you can.


There were the suggestions that the young priest gave to the Eddy’s family but, to the same Eddy didn’t told him about what they have talked. He didn’t understood what was happening in those moments, because they didn’t told him about what were they doing in those moments. After a time, like 6 or 7 months after that had happened, they didn’t removed from the house, and Eddy, who in that moment had like 14 or 15 years old, began to heard a sound too far away, like the same time he heard in the moment that he listened the first time he had found with the voice of the old man. This time, he annotated in a book who had listened, what hour was and he also he recorded in his telephone, that it has a big memory. He recorded around 2 hours of sounds, also in this time, he was nearing very slower to the sound, and then, he found something very rare in the background of the house, he found a map on the wall, it was very big, it was a map for find a treasure, but Eddy won’t go to search that treasures, and he wasn’t interested in that, he just wanted to search his friend. Anyway, he called his parents and he told them what he found and what he recorded with his telephone. His parents scared them when Eddy told them what he had found in there. He also said them that he heard to the ghost he heard 6 or 7 months ago.


She only heard that things proceeding from his beloved son, he got out from the place where she was found and ran to the house for study the things that his son had. This had becoming in something normal in the family, and anyone had discovered that mystery until Eddy started to investigate the case how it could be investigated from the beginning: Search professional help and news. He thought it will be easier discover things like that, but he start to investigate in news, books, until one day he called to a friend of his infancy to tell him about his history and Eddy invite him to his house for talk about the theme.


They passed hours and hours talking about what had happened to Eddy in the house and about many other things. In one of the moments that Eddy’s friend was telling him it was so dangerous that, he remind one of the stories about the same house; he said to him that before for build the house, it was a cemetery and there were many souls in that place, and all the souls goes on from that place least one… that soul was Alvaro. He was an immigrant from Brazil and he came to United States in 1978, then he lived in this city for twelve years before he died. He died so tragically, someone wanted to kill him for many years and one day that one – Anyone knows who killed him – found him and shot him in the head and in the heart; nobody’s there when he’d die and nobody could help him because when someone come to the crime scene, he was dead. He had a good house and a good job. He had the greatest wife you can wish and the best kids in the world. He loved the kids and he passed time with his kids when he was alive. Maybe for that reason he started to talk you.


He kept with the mouth opened and impressive for the history he was listening in there. It was no more to say, he knew the truth about his history and he lived happy and Alvaro didn’t go to appear him… until a few years after.

The End

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